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Methods of recruiting fibroblasts by administering G-CSF

Patent Number: 7,531,510
Recruitment of various progenitor cells into injured tissue is a well known phenomena.  For example, after infarct, mobilization of bone marrow stem cells into the injured myocardium has been reported.  The current patent uses G-CSF, a cytokine that stimulates hematopoiesis and causes mobilizationInventors: Fukuda; Keiichi (Shinjuk-ku, JP), Fujita; Jun (Shinjuku-ku, JP)
Assignee: Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP); Keio University (Tokyo, JP)

Neuronal progenitors from feeder-free human embryonic stem cell culture

Patent Number: 7,531,354
This patent covers methods of generating neural progenitor cells from embryonic stem cells in absence of feeder cells.  Other patents exist that cover feeder-free technology, or technologies using non-mouse feeder cells.  The current patent covers the generation of the neural progenitors by:a. contacting adherent primate...
Inventors: Stice; Steve (Athens, GA), Shin; Soojung (Baltimore, MD), Dhara; Sujoy (Athens, GA)
Assignee: University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (Athens, GA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Tuesday October 5th, 2004

Method of stimulating stem cells

Patent Number: 7,524,500
Methods of expanding stem cells are well-known in the art.  For example, #7,423,029 teaches the use of heterocyclic trialkyl ammonium-containing compounds for stimulation of bone marrow stem cells.  #7,135,459 covers use of FGF homologues for expansion of neural and chondrocytic stem cells.  # Inventors: Mueller; Susan (Milton, CA), Bell; David (Oakville, CA), Matthews; Kathryn Emma (Toronto, CA)
Assignee: Therapure Biopharma Inc. (Mississauga, Ontario, CA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Tuesday March 26th, 2002

Clusterin-mediated inhibition of apoptosis via stromal bone marrow cell delivery to a cardiac site

Patent Number: 7,524,490
 Many diseases are associated with either too much apoptosis (eg ALS, Parkinson's, Liver failure, etc) or too little apoptosis (cancer).  The current patent covers a method to suppress apoptosis in mammalian cells.The method consists of transfecting an isolated population bone marrow derived stromal cells (either autologous or allogeneic) with a nucleic acid encoding the clusterin...
Inventors: Geng; Yong-Jian (Pearland, TX)
Assignee: Board of Regents The University of Texas (Austin, TX)
Date of First Priority Issue: Wednesday November 10th, 2004

Blood and cell analysis using an imaging flow cytometer

Patent Number: 7,522,758
This patent covers methods of diagnosing diseases based on flow cytometric profile.  Although the majority of the invention is directed towards chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), the first claim is rather broad:"A method for detecting a disease condition from images collected from a population of cells, comprising the steps of: (a) spectrally dispersing light from the population of...
Inventors: Ortyn; William E. (Bainbridge Island, WA), Basiji; David A. (Seattle, WA), Morrissey; Philip (Bellevue, WA), George; Thaddeus (Seattle, WA), Hall; Brian (Seattle, WA), Zimmerman; Cathleen (Bainbridge Island, WA), Perry; David (Woodinville, WA)
Assignee: Amnis Corporation (Seattle, WA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Wednesday March 29th, 2000

Implantable cell/tissue-based biosensing device

Patent Number: 7,519,409
The current patent covers a device useful for detecting chemicals in a patient, with the device being implantable.  Practically the device claimed is used for implantation into the heart and provides information via electrical signals as to the chemical environment based on changes to the "biosensing" cells.  In its first claim, the patent covers "a biosensor device for...
Inventors: Yang; Zhongping (Woodbury, MN), Reinke; James D. (Maple Grove, MN)
Assignee: Medtronic, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday December 29th, 2005

Method of isolating human neuroepithelial precursor cells from human fetal tissue

Patent Number: 7,517,521
This patent covers methods of using a type of fetal stem cell in experimental systems or in humans.  It seems to be a clever claiming strategy.  Essentially the patent claims a method for transplanting an isolated population of human neuroepithelial precursor cells into an animal comprising: (a) isolating human neuroepithelial precursor cells from human fetal tissue by a method which...
Inventors: Mayer-Proschel; Margot (Pittsford, NY), Rao; Mahendra S. (Salt Lake City, UT), Tresco; Patrick A. (Sandy, UT), Messina; Darin J. (Salt Lake City, UT)
Assignee: University of Utah Research Foundation (Salt Lake City, UT)
Date of First Priority Issue: Wednesday March 21st, 2001

Dedifferentiated, programmable stem cells of monocytic origin, and their production and use

Patent Number: 7,517,686
This patent is related to #7,138,275, which covers the composition of matter of a "A dedifferentiated, programmable cell of human monocytic origin, wherein said dedifferentiated, programmable cell of human monocytic origin expresses a CD14 antigen, a CD90 antigen, and a CD123 antigen."The current patent covers the process of attaining the cells...
Inventors: Kremer; Bernd Karl Friedrich (Kiel, DE), Fandrich; Fred (Kiel, DE), Ruhnke; Maren nee Schulze (Kiel, DE)
Assignee: Blasticon Biotechnologische Forschung GmbH (Kiel, DE)
Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday March 28th, 2002 1 Comment

Feeder independent extended culture of embryonic stem cells

Patent Number: 7,514,260
This patent covers methods of expanding embryonic stem cells without inducing their differentiation.  It specifically teaches feeder-free systems so that exogenous cells do not need to be used.It gets away without needing a feeder by providing 2 cytokines:noggin, and a fibroblast growth factor family member, as well as various nutrients.The first independent claim is: "A method...
Inventors: Xu; Ren-He (Madison, WI), Thomson; James A. (Madison, WI)
Assignee: WiCell Research Institute, Inc. (Madison, WI)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday May 21st, 2004

Platelet-derived growth factor protection of cardiac myocardium

Patent Number: 7,514,261
Bone marrow has been conventionally used as a source of hematopoietic stem cells for bone marrow transplant.  More recently it has been shown that bone marrow can differentiate (either its hematopoietic or mesenchymal components) into various tissues including neural, hepatic and pancreatic.The...
Inventors: Edelberg; Jay M. (New York, NY), Rafii; Shahin (Great Neck, NY), Hong; Mun K. (New York, NY)
Assignee: Cornell Research Foundation, Inc. (Ithaca, NY)
Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday August 9th, 2001

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