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Compositions, methods and kits related to thrombin, Notch signaling and stamatogenesis and growth of stem cells

Patent Number: 7,501,281
This patent covers means of generating pluripotent stem cells out of neural stem cells or neural crest stem cells.  This is accomplished through contacting the neural stem cell or neural crest stem cell with an agent chosen from the following: a) thrombin; b) soluble Jagged1; c) thrombin receptor activated peptide, or d) a combination.It appears the inventors discovered that various...
Inventors: Maciag, legal representative; Lori (Portland, ME), Kolev; Vihren (Arlington, MA), Verdi; Joseph M. (Falmouth, ME), Maciag; Thomas (Portland, ME)
Assignee: Maine Medical Center Research Institute (Portland, ME)
Date of First Priority Issue: Wednesday March 5th, 2003

Tooth progenitor cell and method for its production

Patent Number: 7,498,168
This patent covers methods of producing tooth progenitor cells from either neural stem cells or embryonic stem cells.  The process covers contacting the stem cell with cells derived from the oral epithelium so as to induce expression of the genes Barx-1 and Dlx-5.Essentially this patent is teaching markers associated with the process of differentiation, as well as progenitor associated...
Inventors: Sharpe; Paul Thomas (London, GB)
Assignee: Odontis Limited (London, GB)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday February 18th, 2000

Modulation of stem and progenitor cell differentiation, assays, and uses thereof

Patent Number: 7,498,171
One of the areas in which regenerative medicine is heading is the use of "drugs" to modulate the stem cell compartment.  For example, we have previously seen companies like Stem Cell Therapeutics performing clinical trials with EPO and hCG for stroke.  Drugs already in the clinic such as Velcade, have also been...
Inventors: Hariri; Robert J. (Florham Park, NJ), Stirling; David I. (Warren, NJ), Moutouh-De Parseval; Laure A. (San Diego, CA), Chan; Kyle W. H. (San Diego, CA)
Assignee: Anthrogenesis Corporation (Warren, NJ)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday April 12th, 2002

Compounds modulating c-kit activity

Patent Number: 7,498,342
c-kit is involved in hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal, however it is also found in other stem cells as well.  For example, cardiac stem cells express c-kit.  This is an exciting drug target and other companies have patents covering its inhibitors, for example, #7,211,600 by Sugen.The current patent covers composition of...
Inventors: Ibrahim; Prabha N. (Mountain View, CA), Hurt; Clarence R. (San Ramon, CA), Zhang; Chao (Moraga, CA), Zhang; Jiazhong (Oakland, CA)
Assignee: Plexxikon, Inc. (Berkeley, CA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday June 17th, 2004

Mammalian megakaryocyte progenitor cell

Patent Number: 7,494,807
This patent covers methods of isolating the megakaryocytic progenitor cells through selecting for cells that are positive for  CD41, CD, and CD34 and negative for expression of CD2; CD3; CD4; CD7; CD8; CD10; CD11b; CD14; CD19; CD20; CD56; and glycophorin A.  Starting materials for selection of these cells include bone marrow and mobilized peripheral blood.Platelet deficiency is a major...
Inventors: Nakorn; Thanyaphong Na (Stanford, CA), Miyamoto; Toshihiro (Fukuoka, JP), Weissman; Irving L. (Redwood City, CA)
Assignee: The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University (Palo Alto, CA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday September 12th, 2003

Methods and compositions for correction of cardiac conduction disturbances

Patent Number: 7,494,644
It is known that bone marrow stem cells are mobilized after heart injury such as infarct, with presumable therapeutic effects mediated by the stem cells in terms of stimulating angiogenesis or even integrating into the damaged myocardium and transdifferentiating into de novo cardiomyocytes.  One of the...
Inventors: Lee; Randall J. (San Francisco, CA)
Assignee: The Regents of the University of California (Oakland, CA)
Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday November 8th, 2001

Methods for altering cell fate to generate T-cells specific for an antigen of interest

Patent Number: 7,491,534
The concept of taking one cell and turning it into another cell has been reported and even patented in certain situations, however, it is still difficult to see examples of wide-spread use of such techniques.  For example, patent #6,087,168 covers transdifferentiation of epidermal cells into neurons by transfection with some specific neuronal transcription...
Inventors: Collas; Philippe (Oslo, NO), Robl; James M. (Brandon, SD), Skalhegg; Bjorn Steen (Blommenholm, NO)
Assignee: Kirin Holdings Kabushiki Kaisha (Tokyo, JP)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday December 22nd, 2000 1 Comment

Uses of fibroblasts or supernatants from fibroblasts for the suppression of immune responses in transplantation

Patent Number: 7,491,388
We know that mesenchymal stem cells are immune modulatory through a variety of means such as secretion of HLA-G, expression of indolamine 2,3 deoxygenase, and production of immune suppressive cytokines.  What is relatively understudied is the immune regulatory activities of fibroblasts.  For example...
Inventors: Mc Intosh; Kevin R. (Ellicott City, MD), Mosca; Joseph D. (Ellicott City, MD), Klyushnenkova; Elena N. (Baltimore, MD)
Assignee: Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)
Date of First Priority Issue: Friday November 13th, 1998

Use of glycosylceramides as adjuvants for vaccines against infections and cancer

Patent Number: 7,488,491
This patent covers the use of a novel stimulator of natural killer t (NKT) cells which are known to be involved in activation of both dendritic cells and T cells.  Interestingly NKT cells are also involved in the liver and possibility development of fibrosis. The first independent claim of this patent is "A method for augmenting...
Inventors: Tsuji; Moriya (New York, NY), Gonzalez-Aseguinolaza; Gloria (Baranain, ES), Koezuka; Yasuhiko (Gunma, JP)
Assignee: New York University (New York, NY)
Date of First Priority Issue: Saturday July 21st, 2001

Wound and cutaneous injury healing with a nucleic acid encoding perlecan

Patent Number: 7,488,719
This patent covers methods of acceleration of wound healing by transfecting cells with nucleic acids encoding the extracellular molecule perlecan.  Perlecan is associated with extracellular matrices in stem cell niches such as the limbic epithelial stem cell compartment (Schlotzer-Schrehardt et al. Characterization of extracellular matrix components in the limbal epithelial stem cell...
Inventors: DeCarlo; Arthur A. (Weston, FL), Whitelock; John (Sydney, AU)
Assignee: Agenta Biotechnologies, Inc. (Birmingham, AL)
Date of First Priority Issue: Monday April 22nd, 2002

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