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Cord blood and placenta collection kit

Patent Number: 7,147,626

Date of First Priority Issue: Thursday September 23rd, 2004
Date Issued: Tuesday December 12th, 2006
Assignee: Celgene Corporation (Summit, NJ)
Inventors: Goodman; Chris B. (Green Brook, NJ), Robinson; Wayne Malcolm (Hampton, NJ), Feingold; Barnett Dov (New York, NY)

Celgene, through its wholly owned subsiduary Anthrogenesis (now called Celgene Cellular Therapeutics) has been active in the cord blood IP area, through patents covering innovative methods of extracting stem cells from the placental matrix itself .

In the current patent, Celgene covers a kit for collecting not only the umbilical cord blood itself, but also the whole placenta, this way no material is wasted and additional cells may be extracted.

This patent is an example of important IP that remains to be captured (and is often overlooked) not just in the area of using stem cells, but also the practicalities of their extraction.

View this patent on the USPTO website.

Added to on Saturday December 16th, 2006

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Joseph said...

Created 2006-12-17 23:49:42 EST

Are the stem cells collected from the placental matrix different than those from cord blood?

I remember reading somewhere that the placent itself can act as a site of hematopoiesis. Now if this is true, and we all know hematopoiesis requires pretty good stromal support, then indeed the placental matrix must be very important.

- 1 -

Paul said...

Created 2006-12-17 23:54:22 EST

Your question is a good one. However I looked at Hariri's patent and while it does talk about extracting "non-cord blood" cells, it seems like he is actually just perfusion the placenta.

I doubt that this will actually take out the placental stem cells that are stuck inside the matrix. I would imagine that to take out the placental stem cells inside the matrix one would have to use collagenase or some type of digestion to actually remove them.

- 2 -

Gil Davis said...

Created 2006-12-18 09:49:11 EST

Paul, I disagree. Hariri teaches that stem cells migrate out of the placental matrix without the use of enzymes.

- 3 -

Paul said...

Created 2006-12-18 11:49:03 EST

Dear Gil,

Thank you for clarifying. So I guess Hariri just perfuses it at body temperature and physiological conditions so that the cells just naturally migrate out?

Would it not be easier to collagase digest? I guess if one does that than all other cells come out too.

- 4 -

sslavin said...

Created 2007-01-03 20:42:39 EST

Are the stem cells that Anthrogenesis Corp uses actually pluripotent?

I know that Koggler's group published regarding some type of pluripotent stem cells from the cord blood. But is this the same thing?

- 5 -

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