Activating Stem Cells of ALS Patients With Valproic Acid

December 18th, 2007

The recent funding of Fate Therapeutics as a company dedicated to identification of pharmacological stem cell activators is a great step for the industry. Essentially, the concept of the company is that one day one will be able to activate one's own stem cells through taking various chemical compounds. This concept is not new, companies such as Stem Cell Therapeutics are already in Phase II clinical trials with such approaches.

In the current mini-article, we will discuss the ability of a compound that has been clinically used for decades... [Read more] 3 Comments

Obviousness and Biotechnology

November 29th, 2006

Of the three requirements for patentability, the notion of “obviousness” is the most elusive. The case of KSR v Teleflex that is currently in front of the Supreme Court is the first revisitation of the question of “obviousness” since Sakraida in 1976. Under discussion is the issue if whether obviousness should be decided by what is apparent to “one skilled in the art” at the time of filing, or whether there has to be a “teaching, suggestion or motivation” in the prior art that prompts a combination of references in order to make a patent... [Read more]

Immunological Implications of Androgen Ablation

October 24th, 2006

This paper describes some mechanisms by which androgen ablation is useful for the treatment of prostate cancer, these mechanisms are immunological.

[Read more]

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