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Sunday March 25th, 2007 @ 20:38:53 EST

From Category: Cardiac Applauds Osiris Therapeutics for First Intravenous Allogeneic Stem Cell Clinical Data
Mar 25 2007, 3:21 PM EST
Business Wire congratulates Osiris Therapeutics for promising data reported today using the PROVACEL™, adult mesenchymal stem cell product for treatment of post myocardial infarction patients. The data, which was presented by Joshua Hare M.D. at the American College of Cardiology's Innovation in Intervention: i2 Summit, overviewed six month follow-up of 53-patients treated in a double-blind placebo-controlled manner with intravenous administration of allogeneic stem cells. Reported results included "significantly lower rates of adverse events, such as cardiac arrhythmias, as well as significant improvements in heart, lung and overall condition."

Some notable examples of the IP protection the company has around this approach include a composition of matter patent on mesenchymal stem cells, a patent on antibodies recognizing mesenchymal stem cells, a patent covering use of mesenchymal stem cells to prevent graft rejection, a patent on the allogeneic use of mesenchymal stem cells, and a patent on the use of mesenchymal stem cells for cardiac muscle regeneration

"To our knowledge, this is the first placebo-controlled clinical trial utilizing allogeneic stem cells administered intravenously in cardiac patients," said Dr. Zhoahui Zhong, Chairman of "The fundamental importance of the data reported today resides in two fundamental differences between this trial and numerous other stem cell cardiology trials. The first being that the cells were administered intravenously, thus implying that direct myocardial injection of stem cells, which is a relatively invasive procedure may not be strictly necessary. The second being that the cells were derived from a standardized off the shelf, allogeneic source, thus the procedure did not require patients to undergo bone marrow aspiration, yet another procedure associated with a certain degree of invasiveness." covers recent news in stem cell therapeutics, as well as offering a free database of all issued United States Patents dealing with stem cells, which is freely available at

"There are numerous published clinical trials in the literature using autologous stem cells, primarily from the bone marrow, for inducing tissue regeneration. Many of the treated patients have a relatively advanced age, and therefore it may be reasonable to believe that their stem cells are not as potent as stem cells from a young person. The ability to utilize allogeneic stem cells in a safe manner, as presented by today's report, may one day open the door to utilization of young stem cells in older patients, from sources such as cord blood," concluded Dr. Zhong.

About is an informal organization of concerned scientists, lawyers and intellectuals that assembled the only comprehensive index of all issued US stem cell patents: accessible freely as a Beta Version at is not affiliated in any manner with Osiris Therapeutics and the views presented herein are only those of

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Tania said...

Created 2007-03-25 20:46:14 EST

Are you saying that Osiris ( OSIR ) is using allogeneic stem cells without immune suppression? Doesnt this cause graft versus host? Or at least host versus graft?

- 1 -

notch1 said...

Created 2007-03-25 22:05:27 EST

to Tania -
yes Osiris use allogeneic MSC without immunosupression as far as i know. The have alot of publications about immunogeneicy of MSC, you can check PubMed or their web-site. It's known that MSC cause significant immunosupression in the host. There are couple reviews about immunological charachteristics of MSC.
But in controversy i saw a few reports that allogeneic MSC caused immune rejection of transplant in the host.
So this question is still unclear in terms of clinical use.

- 2 -

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