Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis

Thursday June 12th, 2008 @ 03:30:25 EST

From Category: Immunology

Jerusalem, Israel -

Stem cell therapy for conditions such as multiple sclerosis is promising in part because of the possibility of remyelination, as well as the immune modulatory properties of the stem cells, especially mesenchymal stem cells.  

While others have published that mesenchymal stem cells are therapeutic in various autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, detailed mechanistic examination of the immunology behind this is still being performed.

In a recent paper (Kassis et al. Neuroprotection and immunomodulation with mesenchymal stem cells in chronic experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. Arch Neurol. 2008 Jun;65(6):753-61) a detailed examination of therapeutic effects of bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells was performed in the experimental allergic encephalomyelitis model of multiple sclerosis.

The investigators used 2 routes to administer the GFP-labeled mesenchymal stem cells: intravenously and intraventricularly. 

Both routes of administration lead to selective accumulation of the GFP-labeled cells in the area of inflammation and actually began expressing various neural markers.  Interestingly, disease severity score was substantially decreased in animals treated with the mesenchymal stem cells.  Animals that recieved mesenchymal stem cells had almost twice the number of axons as control animals.

These data support pilot clinical investigations of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.  In the future, the use of mesenchymal stem cells with various immune modulatory approaches, as well as neuroregenerative approaches, will be used to attain synergy and hopefully provide new ways of tackling this terrible disease.

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DebraJ said...

Created 2009-05-29 18:12:27 EST

I heard that Dr. Slavin will be opening up a clinic in Mexico, using the same protocol he uses in Israel.  Does anyone know about this???


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Christineball33 said...

Created 2009-07-15 04:53:17 EST
Im getting really sick of people asking about different stem cell clinics....there is only one clinic that has published consistentingly in the medical literature and that does good science....everything else out there is primiarly second-rate garbage...and im so upset from seeing all this business about clinics in mexico and thailand and china ....and this business aobut energy healing and the so upset ...
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DebraJ said...

Created 2009-07-15 12:27:51 EST

I was simply asking if anyone on this board had known of Dr. Slavin's (from Israel) new clinic in Mexico.  Dr. Slavin is a highgly respected doctor/research scientist in the field of mesenchymal stem cell therapy and I had read from my MS board that he was expanding his protocol to reach patients in my part of the world.  No need to be upset...


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Thomas said...

Created 2009-07-15 12:35:57 EST

u may want to call him

Shimon Slavin, M.D.
Professor of Medicine
Scientific & Medical Director
The International Center for Cell Therapy & Cancer Immunotherapy (CTCI)
Tel Aviv Medical Center & Top Ichilov at the Weizman Center,
14 Weizman Street
Tel Aviv 64239, ISRAEL
Tel:   +972-77 777 9255

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merisis therapeutics said...

Created 2011-08-23 10:32:25 EST

Connect with our stem cell transplant surgeons including Prof Slavin for threatments of any no-option medical conditions

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