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Mammary stem cell marker

Cancer stem cells are considered the "Seed" or the "root" of the cancer, and like chopping down a tree, if you dont remove the root, the cancer grows back.  Cancer stem cells are resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  Therefore if there was a way to selectively purify or extract cancer stem cells, it would make it a lot easier to develop agents that kill them.  

Cancer stem cells are known to express various markers found on normal stem cells, for example, CD133, which is found... [Read more]


Soft tissue repair and regeneration using postpartum-derived cells

October 17th, 2012

Despite the fact the Celgene through Bob Hariri owns the majority of the placental tissue cells, this patent, assigned to Ethicon, seems to circumvent some of the Celgene claims and covers use of CD117 negative cells from placenta for wound healing.

The patent covers a method of stimulating soft tissue infiltration in a tissue defect by adding umbilical cord cells to a matrix and placing the matrix on a wound.  The patent specifically covers cells that are positive for CD10, CD13, CD44, CD73, CD90, PDGFR-alpha, and HLA, thus the cells... [Read more]

Compositions and methods for generating skin

July 15th, 2009

This patent covers a mammalian cell that has properties of spores and is useful for regeneration of new skin. 

Its first independent claim is:

A population of isolated mammalian or avian multipotent spore-like cells (MSLCs) isolated or cultured from skin tissue and which can differentiate into two or more mature skin cell type cells. wherein the MSLCs, when first isolated, are approximately one to ten microns in diameter, wherein the MSLCs are viable following essentially complete oxygen-deprivation for twenty four hours or more, wherein the MSLCs are surrounded by an... [Read more]

Method for reducing neuronal degeneration so as to ameliorate the effects of injury or disease

July 15th, 2009

This patent teaches methods of stimulating nervous system regeneration by activating an immune response against the nervous system.  Specifically, stimulation of immunity against antigens in the central nervous system such as myelin is associated with induction of autoimmunity, for example in the animal model of multiple sclerosis called experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.  This is why this patent is interesting, because it is harnessing a process that is usually considered pathological but using it to stimulate regeneration. 

The... [Read more]

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